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Automatic cup washer

Automatic cup washer

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Experience efficient cleaning of your glasses with our high-pressure automatic glass countertop washer. This innovative device cleans your glasses in seconds with its powerful rinsing technology. Thanks to the high pressure, the device can also effectively remove stubborn stains and dirt, saving time and effort. It is easy to use and ensures clean and hygienic glasses. Use it for beer glasses, milk bottles, tea mugs and much more.

Why should I buy the device?

This incredibly advanced device turns the often tedious task of washing glasses into a purifying and relaxing experience. Be mesmerized by its effortless technology that will give you sparkling clean and shiny glasses in no time. No more annoying spots or streaks - just pure purity and beauty. Be inspired by this masterpiece of technology and enjoy the feeling that everything is possible every time.

How do I use the device?

The Automatic Cup Washer is easy and convenient to use. Just follow these steps to get the most out of it:

  1. Install the device near a water tap and connect it to a water source.

  2. Check that the device is properly connected by running a small amount of water through the device.
  1. If everything works fine, put the glasses in the holders and start the device.

  2. The Automatic Glass Desk Washer will now squirt the water and detergent onto the glasses and clean them thoroughly.

  3. After the cleaning cycle is complete, you can remove the sparkling clean glasses from the holders.

That's it! With the automatic cup washer you will never again have to laboriously wash glasses by hand. Instead, enjoy the feeling that everything is being done effortlessly and effectively.


Due to the high demand, we have delivery times of up to 3 weeks.

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