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The Yoga Ligament Stretching Belt

The Yoga Ligament Stretching Belt

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Our Yoga Ligament Stretching Belt is the perfect training tool for anyone looking to improve their flexibility in dance, gymnastics or yoga. Made of soft and durable material, it molds perfectly to your legs for a comfortable stretch.

Stretching the leg muscles is important to avoid injury and pain that can result from a lack of flexibility. With regular use of the yoga ligament stretcher, you can improve your flexibility, strengthen your leg muscles, and improve your performance in dance, ballet, cheerleading, or gymnastics.

Be inspired by our yoga ligament stretching belt and see how it can help you achieve your goals and bring your inner dancer or spirit to life. Experience a new level of lightness and grace with every move you make.

Why do you need this?

A lack of flexibility can lead to pain and injury when dancing, gymnastics or yoga. However, our yoga ligament stretching belt will help you avoid exactly these problems. By using the strap regularly, you can stretch and strengthen your leg muscles, which leads to better flexibility. So you can fully concentrate on your performance without having to worry about pain or injury.

How is it used?

Our Yoga Ligament Stretching Belt is easy to use for increased flexibility. Here's how:

  1. Stand up straight and relax your legs.
  2. Place the strap around the top leg, just above the ankle.
  3. Pull the ends forward to create a gentle stretch in the leg.
  4. If necessary, support yourself on a stable object.
  5. Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.
  6. Repeat for the other leg.

Use the belt daily for best results.


Due to the high demand, we have delivery times of up to 3 weeks.

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