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Kids Scroll Stamp - Practice Tasks

Kids Scroll Stamp - Practice Tasks

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Kids love to improve their skills and learn new things, and the Kids Scroll Stamp makes learning an adventure!

This clever stamp helps children to improve their numeracy skills in a fun way. By simply scrolling the stamp, children can solve addition, multiplication, subtraction and division problems.

The kids scroll stamp is compact and portable, so kids can take it anywhere and practice. Whether it's at home, at school, or on the go, this stamp is always up for a challenge.

The application of the children's scroll stamp is very simple and intuitive. Kids can simply scroll the stamp up or down with their fingers to add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers.

Make learning an adventure for your child and give them the tools they need to improve their numeracy skills.


Due to the high demand, we have delivery times of up to 3 weeks.

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