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Smoke Cleaner Ashtray - round

Smoke Cleaner Ashtray - round

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Do you know the problem when the smoke from cigarettes hangs in the air and spreads in your apartment or in closed rooms?

This can not only be uncomfortable, but also harmful to health. But don't worry, we have the solution!

Our " Smoke Cleaner " ashtray is a revolutionary product that automatically and hygienically extracts the smoke and turns it into fresh air. With its advanced technology, the smoke is extracted immediately after it is generated, before it can spread throughout the room. And thanks to the integrated smoke filter and the aroma tablets supplied, the "Smoke Cleaner" not only provides fresh air, but also a pleasant scent.

Our unique ashtray uses a powerful fan that directs smoke through an activated carbon filter, removing pollutants and odors.

The result : clean and fresh air with a pleasant scent. And unlike conventional ashtrays, where the smoke simply hangs in the air, our "Smoke Cleaner" is ready to use at the touch of a button and absorbs the smoke effectively and quickly.

Information about the product:

Product Name: Ashtray Air Purifier Smoke Cleaner  "

Dimensions: 130*130*70mm

Net weight: 226g (excluding batteries and packaging)

Rated voltage: 3V

Time setting: 5 or 2 minutes

Power supply: 2 No. 5 batteries

Material: Flame retardant high temperature nylon + fiberglass

Our smoke cleaner runs on batteries and is therefore super convenient and can be taken anywhere or used in the car, for example.

Ideal for smokers who care about the health and well-being of those around them, our "Smoke Cleaner" is also perfect for places where smoking is not allowed or encouraged.


Due to the high demand, we have delivery times of up to 3 weeks.

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